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Anti Spam Bot WordPress plugin

Today I released my fourth WordPress plugin named "Anti Spam Bot" It uses the WordPress function antispambot(); Protect your email address from spam bots. In other words "fool the bots". With the "nospam" short code, you can use antispambot … [Read More...]

Genesis Sticky Menu

Genesis Sticky Menu plugin adds a sticky menu to Genesis powered site. When you scroll down, the sticky menu will appear at the top. Now scroll back to the top of the page, and you’ll see the sticky menu disappear. This plugin will create Third menu … [Read More...]

Colorful text widget – WordPress plugin

Today I released my second WordPress plugin named "Colorful Text Widget". This WordPress plugin Makes your text widgets colorful. More whistles and bells added on feature updates. Plugin Description: Colorful Text Widgets is a normal text widget … [Read More...]

Anjirai – Twenty Fourteen child theme

Today We released a theme named "Anjirai" on WordPress repo. Anjirai (Tamil) means "A beautiful wing". Anjirai is a child theme of Twenty Fourteen. With Anjirai twenty fourteen child theme, you can customize the colors of every … [Read More...]