3X your Productivity: How I Built Dream Teams with ChatGPT

Over the past decade, I’ve navigated the intricate dynamics of various teams—some I meticulously built from scratch, others I admired from a distance, and a few that kept me up at night. Through it all, one truth has stood the test of time: effective teamwork is the cornerstone of success.

In one particularly memorable team, every member was required to take on additional tasks beyond their primary roles. This was a source of frustration, but it was often necessary due to constraints like cost, resource availability, and time. Despite these limitations, I held on to a dream: a team where every task was managed by a domain expert. It might have seemed overly ambitious, but in the realm of dreams, there are no limits.

My journey with ChatGPT began with experimental queries, pushing the AI to deliver precise and useful content. I asked it to validate its outputs as if it were my high school math teacher, and to my surprise, the results were impressively qualitative. This breakthrough led me to create threads with unique checkpoints and unusual prompts on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT prompt & Microsoft Colab generated image

Then, during a scorching summer day in India, an idea struck me while I was in the shower: “Why not construct effective teams as threads?”

Here’s how it works. I start a thread by assigning specific roles on ChatGPT: a product manager (named Shikamaru) who comprehends the requirements and crafts detailed documentation for developers. A Python developer (named Naruto) then writes the code based on Shikamaru’s guidelines. A tester (named Rock Lee) meticulously tests Naruto’s code. Finally, a delivery manager (named Kakashi) reviews the inputs from Rock Lee and Naruto’s work.

Ninja Warriors in ChatGPT universe.

In this scenario, I am the client. Inspired by the anime world, the team members are named accordingly.

Applying this team structure, I’ve developed specialized teams for various projects: WordPress custom plugins, on-page SEO, YouTube channel management, skill acquisition, web app development, content creation, reading assistance, and more.

This structured approach has consistently produced results that surpass traditional methods, delivering outputs three times more effective.

Using this team setup, I’ve successfully built several WordPress custom plugins, multiple web apps, and published numerous videos. This method not only boosts productivity but also eliminates the need for multiple iterations, streamlining the testing process.

If you’re already using a similar setup, share your team’s goals and roles. If not, give it a try and let me know your feedback. Together, let’s revolutionize the way we work with AI!

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